HTC Saved By Wearable Tech

It seems that HTC has found second wind. Stocks of the famed Taiwanese electronics company has risen 20% over the last two days. This prompted the officials of the Taiwanese Stock Exchange to suspend trading HTC stocks because of this huge and sudden stock price. It peaked at 99 Taiwanese Dollars which is its highest price since June 2015. As we all know, HTC has been struggling to stay afloat these past two to three years because of the dismal sales performance of their HTC One M9 android smartphones and they have yet to release its successor, their upcoming flagship phone the HTC One M10. If only android rooting was a bit easier on the M9, it could have been a fan favorite for the geek sector. So what could have fueled these meteoric rise in HTC stock prices? 


If you take a closer look at the company’s balance sheets and financial reports you would be certain that if the M10 does not perform well, the company would hit rock bottom and just die out. I was made to believe that their upcoming android flagship phone was their make or break piece but it seems that HTC has been saved by the fruits of their R & D team, the HTC Vive and HTC Healthbox. These two are wearable devices have definitely given HTC at another shot at life. 



The HTC Vive is a Steam-VR powered VR (virtual reality) headset which the company promises to deliver best-in-class performance and content which is set to be released this April 9, 2016. Just 3 days ago,  about 15,000  Vive units were sold during its pre-order stage within just 10 minutes. This device was developed in partnership with gaming platform company, Valve. According to expert reviews on the pre-production units, this VR headset is easy to assemble and runs right out of the box without a hitch. This could be a good selling point to those who wants to get a piece of the virtual reality action but is not that really adept in dealing with complicated tech. 


The Healthbox, made in partnership with Under Armour, on the other hand is a wrist-wearable device that measures sleep, resting heart rate, daily activity, and even workout intensity.  It is a perfect companion for those who are health conscious and those who want to maximize the effects of their exercise regime. 


HTC has been given a temporarily lift by the Vive and Healthbox but for the company to stay healthy for the years to come they need to have the M10 to exceed their expectations. I hope they put less bloatware and unlock the bootloader straight from the box for us users to explore android rooting methods  for the device.



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