LG G5 Bound To Change The Smartphone Market

Much has been said about the upcoming Lg G5 android flagship phone from LG electronics. A lot of reviews are telling that this phone will be the best once released. And now that LG has unveiled the phone to see the LG G5 has truly delivered. Critics penned this phone as the more sophisticated, ergonomic, and faster doppelganger of the Samsung Galaxy S6.  Well, they may be right as no matter which angle you look this phone really looks like the S6 albeit a bit slimmer and sleeker.


Earlier leaked images showed us that the LG G5 had two main cameras. This baffled us normal human beings and android experts as well. Now, LG electronics explained to us that the first camera 16MP is good for shooting high resolution panoramic pictures. The 8MP auxiliary rear facing phone is for backup? Good cameras are not the only factor that made this phone very strong in the imaging department, LG also put in the best camera software there is to improve their setup.

This android smartphone is powered by the uber fast and efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip. It has an octacore Cortex processor and a whopping 4GB of RAM. This phone will also have an Adreno graphics processing unit (GPU). These specs speak for themselves and they  could lure every geek soul on this planet.  But what would really entice prospective buyers is that its design is very ergonomic and very alluring. The fingerprint sensor and power button are neatly placed together.  The phone’s design would make even Apple fanboys drool. I’m not even joking. If only LG would retain the ease of Android rooting of their previous models and put it in the LG G5 then this Android flagship phone would definitely  be a bestseller.

What separates the LG G5 from the rest of the pack are its modular attachments they dub as “Friends”. There is an attachable/detachable module for the camera, battery, and of course a VR (virtual reality) headset.


Android rooting methods for LG phones have really been a breeze. You can gain root access to their phones in seconds without a hitch which makes them a good choice for power users who want to squeeze more power from their units. Let’s just hope that these impressive specs and features would translate to good sales numbers. And for Samsung fans, the upcoming Galaxy S7 needs to jump over big obstacles to beat the LG G5.


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