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What do we think about things that are branded “made in China”? Most of us, if not all, think that these products are up to no good and will break down easily. But the trend in smartphone sales speak the opposite. Most Android smartphone buyers nowadays buy from Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Lenovo and OnePlus and have been shying away from Samsung, LG, Apple, and Sony. While Samsung and Apple are still occupying the top 1 and 2 spots respectively in terms of units sold, Xiaomi is slowly crawling up the leaderboard and slowly munching on the market share pie due to the success of their Xiaomi Mi4 android smartphone. What buyers love about the phone is that it offers same specs as other flagship phones at nearly half the cost.  If only these Chinese companies take android rooting support seriously they can gain more ground on the techy/geek  consumers.


With the imminent release of their newest flagship phone, the Xiaomi Mi5 this Ferburary 24, Xiaomi is projected to gain more android market share. The new phone boasts the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and will be paired with a 4GB RAM and could be priced at $300 to $500. On the outside, Xiaomi is no pushover either as leaked images of the upcoming phone show that it is one sleek device. I have to admit it looks pretty much like an iPhone (I hear the drum of coming lawsuits).  If Xiaomi will improve their  software package and give more android rooting support then I won’t hesitate to get the Mi5 and test it out for myself.

Although there are only a few phones that this company produces that support android rooting, what people like about Xiaomi is that this company offers the best hardware (processor, RAM, battery) out there available on the market then cram it up on decent looking handsets yet still give consumers a fair price. Not unlike the mighty Cupertino behemoth, Apple Inc., who is always looking for ways to misguide you and lead you to purchase their overrated and overpriced products. 



Xiaomi is hoping that the hype surrounding their Mi5 will turn into great sales numbers. Consumers are also hoping that this company will continue to make more products with good quality and yet still retain its very fair pricing. If in the future this company will follow the path it is on right now, I am most certain that they can overtake Samsung and Apple. 

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