LG K10 On Its Way To Consumers

South Korea’s electronics giant, LG, has something up its sleeves that consumers have to look forward to. At the Consumer Electronics Show or CES 2016, held at Las Vegas, LG has shown us their new mid-end smartphone, the LG K10. In the past, the company has given us quality android phones and looks like they are continuing their path of excellence with the K10. The phone looks like it is a fusion of LG’s normal design motto with a bits of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge design here and there.  At first glance, the phone looks like a flagship model albeit with a plasticky look and feel. The good thing about LG phones are they have the easiest and fastest android rooting techniques.

The LG K10 will come in 3G and 4G variants. The 3G model will have 1.3Ghz quad-core processor, 1.5 GB RAM, and 16GB internal storage which is still expandable through the use of an SD card. The 4G model packs more punch as it will have an octa-core (8 cores) processor clocked a bit slower at 1.14Ghz, 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage still expandable with and SD Card.  With the proper android rooting method you can still get more power from these devices by overclocking.  With a removable 2,300 mAh battery expect that you will not have that much battery life but if remove those rather useless built-in apps then you might be able to get more juice from this phone.


The LG packs an 5.3 inhes IPS LCD touch capacitative display which has a resolution of  1,280 x 720 pixels at 277 ppi.  This might not be at par with today’s standard but still is pretty decent. The front camera will an 8MP beast that will be more than able to capture those perfect selfies. The 13 MP rear camera will have autofocus and flash.



One small minor inconvenience is that the K10 will not get Android 6.0 Marshmallow directly, instead it will be released with Android 5.1 Lollipop but LG promises that a Marshmallow update will come along the way.  The reason why they will not release this with Marshmallow is that their upcoming Nexus phone armed with almost the same specs will be getting the operating system. And it will look illogical to release these two distinct phones with the same OS. I just hope the K10 will live up the hype. 

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