Marshmallow Coming To Nvidia Shield TV

The time is here again for major and minor players in the tech industry to show what they have been cooking for the last few months or years at this year’s Consumer Electronics show or CES.   The first CES show started last 1967 and has been a stalwart stage for tech companies to showcase their upcoming products. This year’s show has been a very exciting one as Nvidia, the world’s largest and leading graphics chip designer and producer, has announced that an Android Marshmallow 6.0 update will be available for their Nvidia Shield TV. In case you did not know, which is unlikely, the Shield TV is a gaming / entertainment platform running the Android OS.  This device dishes out 4k resolution and by far the most praised Android gaming device. Because of its popularity this device has piqued the interest of developers and sought out  android rooting techniques for the Shield TV.The company said that the updates will be available this January. 

This has excited many techies and Nvidia fanboys as finally changing the wallpaper for the device is now possible. Tech junkies always want to customize their tech stuff and this has been an issue with the previous version of the SHIELD TV as it does not allow you to customize its wallpaper. Another new feature is the recommendation section wherein you can customize the apps that you want to be shown on the home screen.  This feature is very fundamental to every android device out there and Nvidia has finally taken action to the cries of its loyal users.  


The sad thing about this is that the update will be available through OTA that means that if you have a rooted android device then you will not be able to enjoy this update. There lots of advantages rooting android devices like having a faster and more customizable device but one major drawback is that you will not have the capability to do OTA updates. If only flashable update files are available for the NVIDIA Shield TV then there would be no worries if you have rooted yours.


Nvidia started out as a graphics card producer for personal computers and lately decided to ride on the Android bandwagon. The company has been a welcome addition to this competition rich industry.  They have been making delectable and exciting devices that have satisfied gamers and entertainment junkies alike. We are hoping for the best that this company will continue innovating and spearhead development for the Android operating system.


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