Amazing Free Apps Renews Older Smartphones 

If you’re on of the hardcore gadget fans, you likely upgrade your smartphone annually as new flagship phones come out. Generally, there’s nothing wrong with the phone you had been using, but  all of those exciting new features are just too good to pass up and it's so frustrating if you couldn't try those. Basically, most smartphone users don’t upgrade quite often, however. Using the same phone for two, even three years is far more common than upgrading every year, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that as well— considering to think that smartphones can be an expensive habit.


However, over time, phones start to slow down and get sluggish not just occasionally, but it'll get normally frequent, just like any computer would. It’s frustrating also for users to think that their handsets are getting old as years pass, and performance improvements offered by newer phones that launch each year compounds matters, but it turns out that there’s a new free Android app that can definitely help your dusty old phone feel like a brand new flagship one.


The app is called Super Touch and it's for free. What's even more interesting is that it doesn't need to go through Android rooting, so no root access or anything complicated is required on the part of the user. What you just need to do is slide the toggle in the app to fine-tune your phone’s responsiveness. The Super Touch works by optimizing GPU performance, to cause a phone’s graphics processor to work a bit harder compared to its normal in order to render graphics faster. On the other hand, the app can have an impact on battery life though, but it’s well worth it for the performance improvements you’ll  really enjoy.



But in case if you want to give your phone a boost not just  in speed, also in memory, and basically almost everything in your Android, then you definite have to root your Android device.


Here is the main functions of the Super Touch app.


Main functions:


It allow Android devices to slide much quicker and smoother, which will solve the problem of slow drag.


Dragging, sliding, and zooming are far smoother, making content follows up your fingertip; switching columns is also made a lot quicker.


Lists rolling is also made extraordinarily speedier and smoother as well as the typing is incredibly easier.


Packed with a very practical power-saving optimization function, which doesn’t sacrifice the performance of the phone.

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