Marshmallow Slow Adoption

Android 6.0 marshmallow has been out in the market for quite a while now. In fact it has been more than half a year since it was released. What baffles me is that the fact that only a small percentage of devices have Marshmallow on them. Why does android smartphone manufacturers have a hard time rolling out marshmallow OTA (over the air) updates for older phones? What keeps this new operating system from getting widespread adoption? 


The public first glanced at this new android OS last September 29, 2015. Shortly a month after its release, lots of android rooting methods  were made available. The first phones to receive Android Marshmallow updates were, of course, the Nexus phones and it was generally received with favorable reviews.  People were delighted that the battery issues that plagued Android 5.0 Lollipop were wiped out on Marshmallow. Most critics also praised the new OS’s UI (user interface) improvements. 

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Google’s emergency steps to fix Android rooting exploit

Rooting Android devices offers a lot of facilities to the users such as they can gain a deeper level of control over the operating system and install apps that require root permission. Through rooting, in a word, you can gain the hidden ‘superuser’ privileges to your hand. However, the drawback of Android rooting is that after rooting, your system becomes more vulnerable to attack by the hackers. In recent days, a lot of vulnerabilities have been discovered and most of them are considered to be emerging after the rooting process.


According to Android Security Advisory notice of Google on last Friday, a flaw in Android can contribute in gaining root access of multiple applications. Google also added that the flaw might be able to take control over the Android system and finally could result in “local permanent device compromise”. Some unnamed rooting apps that are available in Google Play Store and outside its store has been noted to take advantages of android vulnerability and may result in the same system threat. However, the security notice does not make it clear whether or not those rooting apps have been developed to push your system in threat. 


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HTC Saved By Wearable Tech

It seems that HTC has found second wind. Stocks of the famed Taiwanese electronics company has risen 20% over the last two days. This prompted the officials of the Taiwanese Stock Exchange to suspend trading HTC stocks because of this huge and sudden stock price. It peaked at 99 Taiwanese Dollars which is its highest price since June 2015. As we all know, HTC has been struggling to stay afloat these past two to three years because of the dismal sales performance of their HTC One M9 android smartphones and they have yet to release its successor, their upcoming flagship phone the HTC One M10. If only android rooting was a bit easier on the M9, it could have been a fan favorite for the geek sector. So what could have fueled these meteoric rise in HTC stock prices? 


If you take a closer look at the company’s balance sheets and financial reports you would be certain that if the M10 does not perform well, the company would hit rock bottom and just die out. I was made to believe that their upcoming android flagship phone was their make or break piece but it seems that HTC has been saved by the fruits of their R & D team, the HTC Vive and HTC Healthbox. These two are wearable devices have definitely given HTC at another shot at life. 



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LG G5 Bound To Change The Smartphone Market

Much has been said about the upcoming Lg G5 android flagship phone from LG electronics. A lot of reviews are telling that this phone will be the best once released. And now that LG has unveiled the phone to see the LG G5 has truly delivered. Critics penned this phone as the more sophisticated, ergonomic, and faster doppelganger of the Samsung Galaxy S6.  Well, they may be right as no matter which angle you look this phone really looks like the S6 albeit a bit slimmer and sleeker.


Earlier leaked images showed us that the LG G5 had two main cameras. This baffled us normal human beings and android experts as well. Now, LG electronics explained to us that the first camera 16MP is good for shooting high resolution panoramic pictures. The 8MP auxiliary rear facing phone is for backup? Good cameras are not the only factor that made this phone very strong in the imaging department, LG also put in the best camera software there is to improve their setup.

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Xiaomi Mi5 Lunch Near

What do we think about things that are branded “made in China”? Most of us, if not all, think that these products are up to no good and will break down easily. But the trend in smartphone sales speak the opposite. Most Android smartphone buyers nowadays buy from Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Lenovo and OnePlus and have been shying away from Samsung, LG, Apple, and Sony. While Samsung and Apple are still occupying the top 1 and 2 spots respectively in terms of units sold, Xiaomi is slowly crawling up the leaderboard and slowly munching on the market share pie due to the success of their Xiaomi Mi4 android smartphone. What buyers love about the phone is that it offers same specs as other flagship phones at nearly half the cost.  If only these Chinese companies take android rooting support seriously they can gain more ground on the techy/geek  consumers.


With the imminent release of their newest flagship phone, the Xiaomi Mi5 this Ferburary 24, Xiaomi is projected to gain more android market share. The new phone boasts the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and will be paired with a 4GB RAM and could be priced at $300 to $500. On the outside, Xiaomi is no pushover either as leaked images of the upcoming phone show that it is one sleek device. I have to admit it looks pretty much like an iPhone (I hear the drum of coming lawsuits).  If Xiaomi will improve their  software package and give more android rooting support then I won’t hesitate to get the Mi5 and test it out for myself.

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